Division of Academic Pediatrics

Academic Pediatrics

The Division of Academic Pediatrics at Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital is the home of the several different pediatric services, including The Complex Care Clinic and its outpatient services for general pediatric patients, Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Physiatry, Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics. It also provides an academic home for many community pediatricians including those of WUCA and ESSE Health, as well as independent practitioners. By providing an interface with these physicians and the academic center, the Division helps coordinate educational activities such as Pediatric Grand Rounds, the Patient of the Week series, and other CME events, and it supports the efforts of our community research undertakings with WUPAARC.

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Andrew J. White, M.D.
Division Chief

Cassandra M. Pruitt, M.D.
Medical Director, Complex Care Program

Kashwayne Williams
Director of Clinical Operations

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Complex Care Program
Pediatrics Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Voice: (314) 454-6300
Fax: (833)-969-0131

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