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IV Dose 50 or 100 ug/kg IV as initial dose. Double dose every several minutes, up to 400 ug/kg or arrhythmia termination. Upper limit 20 mg in adults. Give fast and flush. Works best when given by central line. "If nothing happens, you didn't give enough"
Oral dose No oral form
Levels Action too short to measure
Kinetics Serum half-life <10 seconds. All effects gone in 20-30 secs.
Cautions Principally effective in SVT utilizing AV node as part of reentrant circuit (AVRT, AVNRT). May be weak bronchoconstrictor, so be cautious in patients with severe asthma. Often causes atrial ectopy, including atrial fibrillation. Use only in setting where electrical cardioversion is immediately available.
Interactions Digoxin, verapamil may potentiate effect
Preparations Adenocard 6 mg/cc ampule
FDA approval in children no

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