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IV Dose Adults: 0.2-0.5 mg IV bolus over 30 seconds. May go up to 1.0 mg bolus to raise BP acutely.
Drip: 40-60 ug/min.
Tetralogy spells: 20-100 ug/kg bolus, 1-5 ug/kg/min IV infusion
Oral dose No oral dose for this indication
Levels Therapeutic range undefined
Kinetics Acute increase in blood pressure within a minute of intravenous administration. Effects last about 20 minutes.
Cautions Hypertension
Interactions Extreme caution when used with halothane anesthesia.
Preparations Neo-synephrine injection, 1% solution: 10 mg/1 ml vials, 20 mg/2 ml syringes
FDA approval in children yes

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