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Fellow Education

Along with the experiences obtained from clinical rotations, fellows are expected to base their development as clinicians on sound knowledge of the biological process that underlie critical illnesses, the diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the subspecialty, and the processes used in the critical evaluation of clinical information. To that end, a curriculum based on adult learning theory and best educational practices has been developed to ensure competency of and integration between basic physiology, technology and clinical management. Specific educational sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons and facilitated by Critical Care Faculty, and fellows are excused from all clinical duties during these sessions.

Additional educational sessions are held Tuesday afternoons for all fellows in the Department of Pediatrics during the Pediatrics Department Forum. Topics covered during these sessions are not specific to any one specialty and include such things as research ethics, research design and project management. Early in Research Talks, done by all 2nd year fellows, are given in this forum.

PCCM fellows are also involved in formal presentations for morbidity and mortality conference, clinical decision making conferences, and journal clubs throughout each academic year.

Monday PCCM M&M and Outcomes sessions (weekly) and ECMO M&M (monthly)
Tuesday PCCM Fellow Didactic Conference and Pediatric Department Forum
Thursday (each monthly): journal club, research in progress conference, and clinical case conference
Friday Heart Center Patient of the Week Rounds (monthly), Heart Center M&M (monthly), Scholarly Communication and Writing Group (Monthly)

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