Educational Programs | M65 875 Pediatric Renal Disease

This course is designed to provide the student with a wide exposure to all aspects of pediatric renal disease and an opportunity to explore a desired aspect of the field in-depth. The student will be an integral part of the Rental Team and as such will see both inpatients and outpatients. Students will have an opportunity to follow the courses of patients with acute renal disease as well as those with more chronic problems and will help to plan the evaluation and therapeutic management of these patients. Discussions and rounds with the attending staff and fellows emphasize the relationship between clinical problems and the pathophysiology of the underlying disease. These informal teaching sessions are supplemented by more formal sessions. These include renal attending rounds, renal research rounds and grand rounds, which are conducted weekly in conjunction with the Renal Division of Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Renal biopsy material is reviewed with the renal pathologists. Attendance at the weekly pediatric grand rounds and pediatric case conferences is encouraged. Opportunities in clinical and translational research projects will be discussed with interested students.
Valid start weeks for 4-week blocks are: Weeks, 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37 and 41.

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