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The Pediatric Department at the Washington University School of Medicine is conducting a large variety of research projects. Our department is part of the two Pediatric Emergency Medicine multicenter networks: PECARN and PEM CRC. We are also involved in multiple international research endeavors. Below is a list of some of the current projects.

Probiotics Study

Randomized controlled trial of probiotics in children with acute gastroenteritis. 8 centers. PECARN. Funded by NICHD
PI: David Schnadower

Malnutrition Research

Clinical and Basic Science Studies on Tropical Enteropathy, Malnutrition Treatment Protocols, Micronutrients, Plant Genetics and the Microbiome. Indi Trehan, Hannah Smith, Mark manary

Computer Assisted Self Interviews

Use of Computer Assisted Self Interviews in Pediatric Patients Presenting to the Emergendy Department.
PI: Fahd Ahmad

Concussion in Children Study

Functional MRI findings in Children with Concussions.
PI: Angela Lumba

Rapid Infusion Ketamine Techinque

Determining the minimum effective dose of ketamine when administered rapidly intravenously
PI: Dr. Kennedy, Sri Chinta, John McAllister, Charles Schrock

HUS Study

Laboratory and clinical predictors of HUS in children with bloody diarrhea. Funded by NIH/ICTS
PIs: Ryan Mckee, David Schnadower, Phil Tarr

C-spine Injuries in Children

Clinical Decision Rule to Identify Children with Trauma at Very Low Risk of C-spine Injuries. (Pecarn). Funded by NIH.
PI: Julie Leonard

Massicve Transfusion Protocols in Trauma

Predictors and Outcomes of Massive Transfudion Protocols. Jennifer Horst, Ruth Hwu, Martin Keller, Phil Spinella and Julie Leonard

Biosignatures Project

Predictors of Serious Bacterial Infections In Infants (PECARN). Site
PI: Kimberly Quayle

Nitrous Oxide Study

Measuring whether distress is reduced during IV starts when nitrous oxide is administered
PI: Dr. Kennedy

EIF Study

Development, testing and implementation of Emergency Information Forms in children with complex medical problems.
PIs: David Schnadower, Tara Copper, George Abraham

UTI Study

Retrospective review of infants with UTIs. 19 centers. PEM CRC.
PI: David Schnadower


Randomized controlled trial of magnesium in sickle cell pain crisis. PECARN.
Site PI: Julie Leonard

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