Endocrinology and Diabetes

The Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis Children's Hospital has been at the forefront of endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes research since its days under the leadership of Dr. Alexis Hartmann beginning in the 1920s. Indeed, St. Louis Children's Hospital was the first pediatric institution in the United States to utilize insulin to treat children with diabetes mellitus.

The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism within the Department of Pediatrics began as an academic division in 1967. It was renamed the Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes in 2004. Under the initial direction of Drs. Virginia V. Weldon and Anthony S. Pagliara, the division was one of the first divisions of pediatric endocrinology to combine its patient care, research and training efforts in the area of classical endocrinology and in the areas of diabetes and metabolism. This has now become a standard format for divisions of pediatric endocrinology at academic medical centers across the country. Subsequently, the division was under the co-directorship of Drs. Julio V. Santiago and Dennis M. Bier (1985-1993) and the sole directorships of Dr. Julio Santiago (1993-1997), Dr. Neil H. White (1997-2004), Dr. Louis J. Muglia (2004-2008), Dr. Abby Hollander (2008-2012), and Dr. Paul W. Hruz (2012-2017). The division is currently directed by Dr. Ana María Arbeláez who was appointed to this position in 2017.

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St. Louis Children’s Hospital has been ranked as one of the Best Children’s Hospitals in Diabetes and Endocrinology by U.S. News & World Report. This is an accomplishment we proudly share with our patients and our community.

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