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The Washington University/St. Louis Children’s Hospital Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program is a three year comprehensive ACGME accredited program for pediatricians interested in pursuing an academic medical career in pediatric endocrinology. Our mission is to provide excellence in patient care, teaching and research. The first year of the program focuses on clinical training, and the second and third years are dedicated to research training either patient oriented or basic laboratory research.

Clinical Training

The first year of the program is dedicated primarily to clinical training in pediatric endocrinology while fellows begin planning their research project. Below is a table of clinical requirements during fellowship. Please see the Clinical and Diabetes Services links for more detail about our patient care services.

Fellowship Year Inpatient Service ** Overnight (Home) Call Clinics per Week *
1 18-24 weeks 18 weeks 2
2 2-8 weeks 8 weeks 1
3 2-8 weeks*** 4 weeks 1

* All clinics are ½ day. Fellows participate in an additional ½ day clinic for new urgent patients during the time that they are on inpatient service.

** Fellows complete a minimum of 30 weeks of inpatient service over the three-year program.

*** Often called the “pre-tending” time, 3rd year fellows are encouraged to act as the supervising physician for the endocrine team during their inpatient service time while still under the supervision of an attending physician.

Research Training

The second and third year fellows have protected time to focus on research training of either clinical (patient-oriented) and/or basic science research. Fellows have the opportunity to work with faculty from the entire university depending on their area of interest. This includes faculty from:

During research training, fellows are also encouraged to pursue didactic training in research methods through various programs at the medical school. Fellows may qualify for grant/scholarship funding through these degree programs.

Didactic Learning

Fellows are provided with a comprehensive core didactic lecture series in which the full spectrum of endocrine physiology and pathophysiology is presented over a two year cycle. Lectures are given by faculty within both the pediatric and adult endocrine divisions. Invited speakers from outside Washington University who are recognized experts further add to the rich educational experience. Participation at these conferences is a required component of the training program. Due to the importance of this training activity, fellows’ attendance time is protected from clinical duties during these lectures.

During the academic year, a weekly fellows’ conference in the Department of Pediatrics covers all ACGME-required training in general topics related to the conduct of research including biostatistics, study design and study implementation. Please see the Conference Schedule link for more details.

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