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A longstanding strength of Washington University, in general, has been the ability to establish close and collaborative working relationships between different divisions and departments at the medical center and the University. This has enabled the development of Washington University as a leader in research.  Our most active areas of research have traditionally been related to growth and diabetes.  Other areas of clinical and research expertise include lipid metabolism and bone and mineral metabolism.  Over the last few years, the investigative interests and expertise within the division have branched out into more basic areas of research, including the use and development of animal models, including transgenic and knockout mice, to study neuroendocrinologic regulation and carbohydrate metabolism.

Members of the division maintain an active interest in clinical studies related to development and implementation of innovative methods of care of diabetic children and teenagers.  This dates back to Dr. Santiago and Dr. White being among the first in the country to use insulin pumps in the management of patients with type 1 diabetes and their involvement in the DCCT.

New Publications

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