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Associate Dean of Education Program Evaluation and CQI
Professor of Pediatrics, Hospitalist Medicine
Hospitalist MedicineEducation



  • BA, Brown University1985
  • MD, Yale School of Medicine1989
  • MHPE, University of Illinois2014


  • Program for Educators in Health Professions, Harvard Macy Institute2012
  • A Systems Approach to Assessment in Health Professions Education, Harvard Macy Institute2013
  • Leading Innovations in Healthcare and Education, Harvard Macy Institute2014
  • Emerging Leaders Program, Yale Medicine and Yale School of Management2015
  • Advanced Emerging Leaders Program, Yale Medicine and Yale School of Management2016
  • Chief Resident and Resident, University of Rochester School of Medicine1989 - 1993
  • Fellowship General Academic Pediatrics, University of Connecticut School of Medicine1995 - 1998

Licensure and Board Certification

  • Board Certification American Board of Pediatrics, 2017


  • Magna Cum Laude, Brown University1985
  • Sigma Xi, Brown University1985
  • Resident Teaching Award, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry1993
  • Howard Pearson Faculty Teaching Award, Department of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine2001
  • Mae Gailani Junior Faculty Award in recognition of dedication to research and patient care, department of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine2003
  • Leah Lowenstein Award, Faculty Member who most clearly provided positive images of women in promoting humane and egalitarian medical education, Yale School of Medicine2004
  • Alvan R. Feinstein Award, Outstanding Teacher of the Year of Clinical Skills, Yale School of Medicine,2008
  • Consultant, National Institute of Health and Human Development to design National Safe Sleep Campaign2009
  • Keynote Speaker, White Coat Ceremony Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of Yale School of Medicine2010
  • Josiah Macy Foundation Faculty Scholar2011
  • Appointment to USMLE Children's Health Committee2011 - 2014
  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Pilot of the Core Entrustable Profession Activities (EPAs) for Entering Residency2014
  • Invited Consultant, Expert Leadership Group, National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep (NAPSS)2015
  • Yale Medicine Emerging Leaders Program 2015-20162015 - 2016
  • Research and Scholarship Award from the Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP)2017
  • Invited NIH Ad Hoc Reviewer, dissemination and Implementation in Health (DIRH) Study Section2019

Recent Publications view all (46)

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