Didactic Lecture Series

Lecture Schedule 2018
Monday 1-2 pm 9A NWT

Week Topic Speaker
1 Orientation week See lectures on orientation schedule
2 Holiday- no lecture  
3 Williams Syndrome Kozel
4 Disorders of Sexual Development Heeley
5 Lysosomal Storage Disorders Grange, Manwaring, Toler
6 Enzyme Replacement Therapy Manwaring
7 Metabolic Case Studies Shinawi
8 Aminoacidopathies Grange
9 Genetic Approach to the Child with Developmental Delay Willing
10 Common Genetic syndromes part 1 Willing
11 Common Genetic syndromes part 2 Willing
12 Intro to Dysmorphology part 1 Grange
13 Intro to Dysmorphology part 2 Grange
14 Approach to Genetic Evaluation of Autism Shinawi
15 Prenatal Genetic Counseling Erin Beaver
16 Intro to Genetic Testing – Practical Aspects Genetic Counselors
17 Urea Cycle Defects Grange
18 Arrhythmias Aarti Dalal
19 Dietary Management of Acute Metabolic Disorders Toolan and Tomic
20 Neurofibromatosis Type 1 David Gutmann
21 Disorders of Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism Shinawi
22 Neurotransmitters and Creatine Metabolism Shinawi
23 Lactic Acidosis and Mitochondrial Cytopathies Shinawi
24 Glycogen Storage Diseases Shinawi
25 Peroxisomal Disorders Shinawi
26 Disorders of Fatty Oxidation Grange
27 Memorial Day- no lecture  
28 Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease 1 Willing
29 Genetics of Congenital Heart Disease 2 Willing
30 Arrhythmias Part 2 Aarti Dalal
31 Marfan Syndrome and Other Aneurysm Syndromes Willing
32 Marfan Syndrome and Other Aneurysm Syndromes Willing
33 Skeletal dysplasias Shinawi
34 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – Natural History Willing
35 Cardiomyopathies Simpson
36 Arrhythmias Dalal/Silva
37 Vascular Malformations Nieman/Bayliss
38 Genetics of Common Birth Defects and Teratology Grange
39 Approach to Short Stature Grange
40 Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Gutmann
41 Approach to Patients with Hypotonia Connolly
42 Neuromuscular Zaidman
43 Genetics of Epilepsy Weisenberg
44 Overgrowth Syndromes Saunders/Shinawi
45 Hearing Loss Toler/Andrews
46 Topics in Cancer Genetics  
47 Hemoglobinopathies and Clotting Disorders Hulbert
48 Fetal Ultrasound Imaging for Genetic Disorders Gray
49 Elastinopathies Kozel

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