Our goal is to help you identify and manage the common neurocognitive and behavioral problems that might follow your child's stay in the PICU.
Neurocritical Care Follow Up Program Team

Dr. Mary Hartman
Critical Care

Dr. Kristin Guilliams
Critical Care & Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Rejean Guerriero
Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Jonathan Dodd

Sara Small, LMSW
Program Administrator

NCFP Results
  • 87 (32%) met symptom criteria for Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)

  • Of the 161 parents completing follow-up, 33 (21%) met symptom criteria for PTSD

  • PTSD symptoms at follow-up were associated with

    • Acute stress symptoms assessed in the PICU

    • Unexpected admission to the PICU

    • Parent’s degree of worry that the child might die

    • Occurrence of another hospital admission or other traumatic event subsequent to the index admission
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