Our goal is to help you identify and manage the common neurocognitive and behavioral problems that might follow your child's stay in the PICU.

What to Know

Our goal is to make sure your child has the best possible recovery after his/her PICU stay.

What is the NCFP?

The NCFP is a team that starts to care for your family while your child is in the PICU, check on you during the rest of your hospital stay, and provides a check-ip with you and your child in the clinic a month after your child has been discharged from the hospital

Who can be a part of the NCFP?

Children with certain medical problems, including:

  • acute stroke
  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • meningitis
  • cardiac arrest
  • other neurologic injury and a PICU stay of 2 or more days

How will the NCFP Clinic help your child?

The NCFP will help you and your child manage 

  • sleep problems
  • school adjustment problems
  • attention and behavior changes
  • depression, anxiety or other changes in mood

Does the NCFP clinic replace seeing Neurology and other specialists?

No, the NCFP appointment occurs one month after your child's hospital discharge.

Some families will be asked to come back again 6-12 months after discharge

Your neurologist and other specialists will provide ongoing care as needed.

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