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Participants are encouraged to watch videos of the procedures that are practiced during the camp. This maximizes the hands –on time for each participant. Participants will receive videos or link to the videos in advance before the boot camp.


  1. Refresh cognitive skills required to resuscitate neonates in the delivery room (DR) and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) using NRP
  2. Refresh /learn technical skills commonly required in the DR and NICU
  3. Reinforce team dynamics
  4. Learn Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) algorithm/s as applicable in the NICU and understand differences between PALS and NRP


Participants watch procedural videos before coming to the camp and spend time practicing the following procedures /use of equipment listed below:

  • Maximum sterile barrier and setting up a sterile field for procedures
  • Umbilical artery and venous catheter insertion
  • T-piece resuscitator /Flow-inflating bag /Self Inflating bag/ Endotracheal intubation
  • Videolarynygoscopy
  • Laryngeal Mask Airway and Oral Airway placement
  • Defibrillation/Arrhythmia recognition and management
  • Needle decompression of pneumothorax
  • Chest tube insertion for treatment of pneumothorax
  • Pigtail catheter insertion for treatment of pneumothorax
  • Pericardiocentesis/Intraosseous needle insertion
  • Exchange transfusion
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilator therapy

All procedures are practiced in groups of two physicians and a bedside nurse with a facilitator/s for each group.


Multiple common and uncommon scenarios based on NRP principles are practiced.
The list is not revealed to maintain an element of surprise.
Scenarios are practiced within a multidisciplinary team .Teams consist of two fellows and a RN with a facilitator .Members of the team play their specific professional role on the team.


Lodging and boarding to be paid for by the participants.


Scrubs only for both days

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