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The Pediatrics Computing Facility has a team of information system professionals to provide information technology support for faculty and staff. PCF is organized around (3) primary service teams, their description and scope of services are listed below:

PCF Innovation and Development Team Services

The PCF Development Team is responsible for the innovation, development and operational support for all the Department of Pediatrics internally developed applications and databases. PCF has extensive experience in building innovative clinical, research, and administrative databases for our customers within the Medical School. We utilize Microsoft .Net technology as our primary development environment with Microsoft SQL as our primary database engine. We have built nationally recognized clinical databases such as the Hematology-Oncology Road Map Builder (top award for Innovation at NACHR 2011) and internationally recognized databases such as the Multi-Center Lung Transplant database and secure access for all these applications are managed by our Active Directory access groups.

The PCF Development Team utilizes a hybrid of the Agile development process we call D8. The D8 process is a series of (8) separate iteration phases which ensure the product being designed/built absolutely meets the requirements of the customer.

  1. Discovery – very high level overview and Work Breakdown Structure of the business problem
  2. Design – high-level overview is broken down into low-level user stories
  3. Development – actual coding of the application and internal quality assurance process
  4. Detect – user acceptance testing
  5. Debrief – customer and user base training
  6. Deploy – PCF team works with the customer to ensure successful deployment of the product
  7. Disco – a review of the process to celebrate successes and areas for improvement
  8. Date – final phase where the long term relationship with the customer is established

PCF Electronic Media Team Services

The PCF Electronic Media Team coordinates the activities of our web presence and social media sites. The team is highly skilled with providing unique graphic design services, building scalable web based templates, development of web and electronic media, and management of electronic media. The PCF Electronic Media Team provides these services for several Departments in the Medical School.

Systems and Operations Team Services

The PCF Systems and Operations Team are responsible for managing and maintaining the PCF server and data storage resources. The team provides support for our Exchange, Citrix, and VMware environments along with management of over 100 different application and database servers in a virtualized environment. With the virtualized environment, the PCF Server Team can very quickly create unique application or database server environments to support customer requirements. Operationally, PCF Server Team manages daily incremental backups Monday through Thursday with weekend full backups. The weekend full backup tapes are stored off-site to ensure a measure of data integrity in case the production data center data storage devices were to be compromised.

The PCF Systems and Operations Team also manages a fully redundant Disaster Recovery site where we have mirror images of our core server systems and data storage resources. The Disaster Recovery site is physically located away from the Medical School to provide the organization a measure of operational insurance in case the production data center was to be compromised and rendered unusable.

The PCF Systems Team also provides emergency off-hours and weekend support via the PCF After-Hours Support Process.

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