PSRP Applications will be accepted December 1 through February 1 for the upcoming summer.

The following documents are required for a complete application:

1. Application Form

Once submitted, changes cannot be made. A new application will have to be completed.

2. Acknowledgement Form and Transcripts

a. Download Acknowledgement Form The form should be signed by the applicant and if under the age of 18 also by a parent or guardian. The document should be printed and scanned (do not use electronic signatures).
b. Applicants must submit a copy of their transcripts from the program in which they are currently enrolled. Unofficial copies are acceptable.

Upload the Acknowledgement Statement and a Current Transcript. These documents should be combined into one PDF and uploaded as a single document.


3. Recommendation Letter

The individual listed in Section III on the application should upload their recommendation letter as a PDF document using the upload tool provided below.

This reference must be a science teacher, professor, work supervisor, academic adviser, or sponsor of an activity or club in which the applicant participated. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify that the reference has submitted a letter. The recommendation letter should be addressed to PSRP Faculty Directors.

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