Washington University PCD and Rare Lung Disease Center


The Washington University PCD and Rare Lung Disease Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing research of rare pediatric lung diseases. We are an internationally recognized center that offers comprehensive diagnostic testing for children with rare conditions affecting the respiratory system.

As an institution with a long history of ground-breaking research and care of neonatal and childhood lung disease, the Washington University Rare Lung Disease Center is uniquely positioned to offer services that go beyond those of other centers and subspecialists. These services include advanced imaging, bronchoscopy, targeted genetic testing, whole exome sequencing, genetic counseling, and potential enrollment in research studies or drug trials.

Directed by Dr. Amjad Horani, a physician-scientist with over a decade of research experience in the field of primary ciliary dyskinesia, the Center brings together specialists from areas of Pediatric Pulmonology, Otolaryngology, Genetics, Allergy, and Immunology. Our Center employs a collaborative approach to diagnosis and treatment. As such we work closely with pediatric specialists at Washington University, experts at other children’s hospitals, and rare disease organizations such as National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Research Network (chILDRN), and NIH-supported Genetic Diseases of Mucociliary Clearance Consortium.

The Rare Lung Disease Center offers dedicated multidisciplinary clinics so children can be evaluated by multiple specialists during the same visit, saving time for individuals who must travel long distances. The Center has the ability to provide full service care at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, or partner with referring physicians from other locations in order to maximize the quality of care to children with rare lung diseases who reside in more remote areas. Our providers actively utilize telehealth as a tool to help bring our expertise wherever it is needed.

For information concerning patient referrals, please contact Leslie Wehmeier RN, or Jane Quante, RN, (314) 454-2694 or (314) 454-4131.

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