Pediatric Sleep Clinic and Laboratory

Under the guidance of Drs. Amy Licis (neurology) and James S. Kemp (pulmonology), the multidisciplinary, American Academy of Sleep Medicine-accredited Pediatric Sleep Center and Laboratory at St. Louis Children's Hospital serves children who have or are suspected of having sleep-related breathing disorders, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movements, insomnia, excessive daytime somnolence, nighttime seizures, and many other problems associated with or worsened during sleep.

Diagnostic Services and Sleep Center Staff

Outpatient clinic evaluations and full-scale, overnight polysomnography are used to assess sleep quality, determine the presence of apnea and its cause (central or obstructive), and identify explanations for sleep disruption. The core staff of the Pediatric Sleep Center includes board-certified pediatricians from the pulmonology and neurology divisions, a sleep nurse-clinician, the laboratory technical director, and 8 certified sleep laboratory technicians. The Pediatric Sleep Center also works closely with pediatric pulmonologists, neurologists, pediatric otolaryngologists, psychologists, and specialty nurse practitioners. Trainees from the Washington University Sleep Fellowship Program also participate in the care of children with sleep disorders at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Polysomnography utilizing the Somnistar and Nihon Kohden Systems is performed at night, and is also available during the day for naps in younger children. Sleep studies are interpreted by Drs. Fred Coste, James Kemp, Amy Licis, and Tracy Ivy.

Treatment Services

As a certified Sleep Center, treatment services and referrals are provided for all children and adolescents with problems diagnosed through our center and, if feasible, for those referred from other centers. Children and adolescents with narcolepsy have access to our pediatric neurologists. Early referrals for otolaryngology evaluation at St. Louis Children’s Hospital are available. The sleep laboratory staff, nurses, and respiratory have extensive expertise in managing non-invasive ventilation (CPAP and BiPAP) in children.


Community physicians and advanced practice nurses can refer patients directly to the sleep laboratory for overnight studies (314-454-4503) or refer children to the Sleep Disorders Clinic for more comprehensive evaluations (314-454-2694 or 314-454- 4007).

A direct referral to a pediatric neurologist (Dr. Amy Licis, MD) with special expertise in narcolepsy and other neuro-sleep disorders can also be made (314-454-6120).

Direct referrals can also be made to pediatric psychology (Drs. Suzanne Thompson, PhD, and Kasey Davis, PhD) when appropriate (314-454-6069).

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