Pediatric Residency

Peds Spanish

Spanish is the most common non-English language encountered in St. Louis Children’s Hospital. For residents with a solid baseline knowledge of Spanish language, starting in the Fall of 2019 we will offer a year-long course in pediatric medical Spanish. To accommodate residents’ busy schedules, the class will meet 2-3 times per month for an hour over lunch. During sessions, residents will review vocabulary and phrases common to medical encounters, and practice role-playing patient/family interview scenarios in Spanish. Residents will also have access to portable study materials to review independently. Those who attend at least 15 of these sessions will be eligible at the end of the year to take the Clinician Cultural and Linguistic Assessment, a national, standardized, telephone-based examination of linguistic proficiency for medical professionals. Residents who pass this exam will be certified to speak Spanish to patients in the hospital without using a Spanish interpreter.

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