Pediatric Residency

Resident Wellness

Wellness Committee

This resident led committee was put together to improve and facilitate resident wellness. Current projects include off campus socialization, resident mentorship and appreciation, self-care, and community service in collaboration with the advocacy committee. Some examples of activities include:

  • A Wellness Day where residents are excused from all clinical duties.
  • Healthy options for daily lunches & snacks in the resident lounge.
  • Peer mentorship program between interns and seniors to ease transition into residency.
  • Spring Cardinal’s Game—annual department-wide baseball game for residents and COPE preceptors. All trainees are excused from their clinical duties to attend
  • Holiday Party – There is an annual department-wide holiday party. All trainees are excused from clinical duties to attend.
  • Other Activities including: pet therapy, game nights, advocacy-driven projects such as “adopt-a-family”, music therapy, and much more!!

Resiliency and Wellness Curriculum

We have integrated a wellness curriculum that weaves through all three years of residency. This curriculum includes wellness conferences, as well as guest speakers. Below are some of the topics addressed:

  • Debriefing deaths of patients and normalizing secondary trauma
  • Preventing burnout and increasing resiliency
  • View from the parents – Invited parents discuss their perspectives on medical care and interactions with trainees
  • Beginning discussions around the end of life and moral distress
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Pet therapy for residents


Intern Retreat

Each fall, the entire intern class is excused from clinical service to participate in a retreat located at a resort near the St. Louis area. This retreat is led by a professional facilitator, and the interns leave the retreat with a better understanding of how to best work with peers, and approaches to managing the stresses of intern year. This is also a great time for the interns to socialize and have fun!

Senior Retreat

Each spring, all second and third year residents are excused from clinical duty to participate in one of two senior retreats located in a resort in the St. Louis area. This retreat focuses on development of resiliency skills, as well as camaraderie and relaxation.

BJC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource that BJC HealthCare offers to help employees and their immediate family members balance work and life. EAP services are free and confidential, and include counseling, health and wellness resources, and work/life services to help you with difficult personal issues such as:

  • Marital or family issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Emotional or health concerns
  • Legal issues
  • Financial challenges
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