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Washington University School of Medicine is committed to preparing an ethnically diverse student body to lead this nation in the 21st century. The School of Medicine recognizes that advocating a culturally competent and diverse academic workplace will enhance its leadership role in medical education. The Office of Diversity Programs (ODP) adheres to the principle that a multicultural learning environment serves to benefit all students. The ODP will promote the concepts and benefits of pluralism throughout the medical center and will strive to recruit, develop and retain talented students and faculty from underrepresented groups. The ODP will serve to create opportunities to unite a diverse student body and to develop a partnership with the surrounding community. Visiting minority medical students are encouraged to contact the Office of Diversity programs prior to their rotation. For more information, please visit our diversity program site.

Promoting Cultural Diversity at St. Louis Children's Hospital

St. Louis Children's Hospital is committed to promoting cultural competence in post-graduate medical education and training as a reflection of our diverse patient population. We strive to recruit residents of various backgrounds in efforts to retain highly skilled, caring individuals.

The Washington University Minority Medical Association (WUMMA) was established to assist in the recruitment of underrepresented minority residents and fellows and to support the professional development of its members. This is done via various networking events, community service projects and close interaction with medical students in the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). The Residents and Fellows Diversity Initiative (RFDI) is administered by the Center for Diversity and Cultural Competence at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Expectations include commitment to improving cultural diversity within the medical center and improving the health of the medically underserved in the St. Louis community. Both groups collaborate in various events and activities.

In order to accomplish our mission and in order to recruit and retain highly-skilled, caring people:

  • SLCH will champion the diversity of our patients to help provide excellent care in a nurturing environment.
  • SLCH’s work force will reflect the cultures of the communities we serve at all levels.
  • SLCH will take the lead in creating and marking an environment for employees that attracts and welcomes the best of all groups.
  • SLCH will provide an environment for employees where creativity and learning are rewarded, differences are accepted and appreciated, and equality is cherished.
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