Pediatric Residency



  • Breakfast is provided in the house staff lounge each morning, consisting of coffee, juice, donuts, bagels, pastries and fruit. There is free Keurig coffee in the house staff lounge 24 hours a day.
  • Lunch is provided every weekday at resident noon conference.

Social Events:


  • House Staff Assistants (HSAs) support residents by obtaining outside records, making patient appointments, contributing to discharge planning, and facilitating effective and efficient communication with the multi-disciplinary medical team and patients/families.
  • Taxi service is provided for residents too fatigued to drive home. Security escorts are available after hours to all residents working nights. Free subscription to safety phone application SafeTrek offered to all residents to ensure safe travels at all times.
  • Travel expenses are covered or subsidized for away electives as well as resident attendance at national conferences.
  • Each intern is assigned a Faculty Mentor at the start of their residency. This is a great resource for career planning and finding research opportunities.

Facilities and Resources:

  • Our House staff Lounge is a recently-renovated, comfortable place for residents to relax between patient care activities. It is outfitted with a Keurig coffee maker, refrigerator, tables, couches, computers, coat racks, and a large TV with DVD player.
  • Free parking is provided for all residents. It is walking distance to the hospital and a free shuttle service is also available.
  • Comprehensive athletic facilities are available close to the hospital -- Wellness & Fitness facilities accessibility: IWJ Rehabilitation Building, BJC Well Aware, WU Athletic Complex, Olin Gym Center, The Center of Clayton, YMCA of Greater St. Louis.
  • The 280,000-volume Washington University Bernard Becker Medical Library is one block away. The library regularly receives more than 2,800 medical journals and e-journals, and residents have electronic access to PubMed, Embase, UpToDate, and eBooks. Residents also have access to free, unlimited mobile access to UpToDate.
  • The Children's Hospital Medical Library is located next to our house staff lounge and is open 24 hours. Recent journals, monographs, and books appropriate to the needs of pediatric clinicians are maintained in the Children's Hospital Medical Library, and residents have free photocopying and printing privileges.
  • Ample computers are located on each clinical unit in the hospital, in the resident lounge, and in the Children's Hospital Medical Library in order for residents to utilize the computerized medical record system and for searching medical literature. User fees are paid by the hospital.
  • A number of self-produced guides and mini-books, such as the HOG (Heme/Onc Guide) and PICU Guide, are given to residents. We also provide a number of pocket-sized cards and guidelines, as well as electronic access to these cards via phone apps.
  • Residents receive the Washington Manual of Pediatrics at the beginning of internship. A classic textbook of the resident's choosing is given at graduation.

Professional Societies and Certifications:

  • Dues for membership in the American Academy of Pediatrics are provided, which includes PREP questions to study for the pediatric boards.
  • During your residency, you will obtain and maintain certification in neonatal resuscitation (NRP), pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and basic life support (BLS).
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