Pediatric Residency

WUTPP (Teaching)

Teaching is at the center of what it means to be a physician. While every resident in our program will gain experience with teaching, some residents seek more in-depth training in medical education. The Washington University Teaching Physician Pathway (WUTPP) provides these interested residents with additional knowledge, skills, experience, and mentorship necessary to become skilled clinician-educators. During the fall of their second year of residency, pediatric residents in WUTPP will join WUTPP residents from the Departments of Internal Medicine and Surgery in a two-week intensive program of didactic sessions focused on educational theory, curriculum development, and teaching techniques. WUTPP residents will also participate throughout the year in teaching sessions to gain hands-on teaching experience with medical students and residents in both small and large group settings. Each WUTPP resident will participate in a month-long Teaching Elective during their third year of residency which includes independently leading didactic sessions and facilitating small groups of both medical students and residents. Finally, each resident will complete a scholarly project related to education, with opportunities and funding available to attend national education conferences.

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