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Training Program in Detail

The Critical Care Fellowship’s curriculum is designed to ensure fellows gain knowledge and practical skills in caring for all critically ill children. Initially, fellows focus on basic assessment of and therapy for organ system dysfunction which, thereafter, allows them to develop increasing sophistication in their understanding of disease processes and management. Ultimately, our fellows develop the ability for independent decision-making, team leadership and management, and supervision of others.

 St. Louis Children's Hospital has a robust Neurocritical Care program and is the only American College of Surgeons Level 1 verified Trauma Center in Missouri, allowing our fellows to develop specific skills in the management of this unique patient population.

The first year is almost entirely clinical, and designed to provide fellows with the necessary experiences to become master clinicians. Clinical rotations include:

  1. 7-8 months of Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine (including rotations in the PICU and the CICU).
  2. 2 weeks of Pediatric Anesthesiology, designed to teach basic airway management and the pharmacology of sedation and anesthesia.
  3. The remaining time is available for vacation (4 weeks) and to begin the process of selecting a scholarly project.

Clinical rotations during the second and third years focus on increasing both clinical skills as well as team management. The majority of clinical time is based in the PICU and CICU. Two additional weeks of advanced anesthesia training will occur in these years, and there are opportunities for electives through discussion with the program director. Research and academic development become a large focus during the second and third years as fellows have, by this point, identified their specific research mentor and project.

Combined Fellowships

Previous trainees have pursued combined subspecialty training with numerous other specialties including cardiology, pulmonology, infectious disease, nephrology and neurology either through combined 5 year fellowships, or as a 2nd sequential fellowship. We are open to adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of both combined and sequential fellowship. Applicants for sequential fellowships are considered through the regular ERAS/NRMP process.

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