Educational Programs

The primary aim of the teaching program of the Department of Pediatrics is to stimulate interest in developmental biology, especially human growth and development, and to provide the student with a foundation sufficiently comprehensive so that he or she will have an appreciation of clinical pediatric problems regardless of his or her future career choice in medicine.

The major clinical and research facilities are in St. Louis Children's Hospital and the newborn services are at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. St. Louis Children's Hospital is a facility with 235 beds that accepts patients through 21 years of age with all types of medical and surgical problems. Hospital admissions average 11,000 annually. Pediatric medical ambulatory activity, including subspecialty and emergency visits, averages about 90,000 visits a year. Nearly 5,000 infants are born annually in the Medical Center.

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First Year

Second Year

Students are introduced to pediatrics and to the faculty through a series of lectures and symposia designed to acquaint them with the concepts of human growth and development and the effects of age and maturity on reactions to injury and disease. The unique aspects of the physical examination of the infant and child are presented in the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. Members of the faculty are active participants in the second-year Pathophysiology course.

Third Year

Fourth Year

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