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The Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes provides inpatient and outpatient specialty care services and consultative services for St. Louis Children’s Hospital, as well as outpatient services at the Children’s Specialty Care Clinic. The outpatient endocrinology and diabetes services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Specialty Care Clinic (CSCC) are staffed by the same physicians as the inpatient services. The new CSCC is an outpatient facility located in west St. Louis County and offers many pediatric subspecialties and outpatient services in one convenient location. These services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Specialty Care Clinic account for approximately 6,500 patient visits per year. We follow approximately 1200 patients with diabetes mellitus . Each year the division sees approximately 1100 new patient consultations for other endocrine-related disorders:

  • Disorders of growth
  • Pubertal development (delayed or early)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Adrenal disorders (including adrenal insufficiency, Cushing syndrome, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia)
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Transgender
  • Disorders of bone and mineral metabolism
  • Hypoglycemia due to hormonal or metabolic abnormalities

Our outpatient team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, diabetes nurse specialists, and a dietitian . A social worker and psychologist are also readily available. Our nurses and dietitian attend all clinics to provide ready access to patient education and improve coordination of care.

All new patients are evaluated by a physician. Clinics at St. Louis Children’s Hospital are staffed by 2-3 attending physicians. Many clinics include 1-3 fellows. Rotating pediatric residents and Washington University medical students are also encouraged to participate in outpatient clinics. Doctors-in-training do not participate in outpatient clinics at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital. Many patients with chronic endocrine disorders or diabetes coordinate their outpatient care with a physician-nurse practitioner team.

The division provides 24-hour on-call coverage to all of our patients, including those with diabetes.

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