Mark C. Johnson, M.D.

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Professor of Pediatrics, Cardiology

phone: (314) 454-6095

Clinical Interests

Congenital heart diseasePediatric echocardiography3D echocardiographyHeart disease with Trisomy 21 syndrome


  • BA, Summa Cum Laude, University of Rochester1978
  • MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine1982


  • Resident, , University of Colorado Health Science Center1982 - 1985
  • Fellow, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis Children's Hospital1990 - 1994

Licensure and Board Certification

  • MO, Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts
  • IL, Licensed Physician
  • 1986 - PresThe American Board of Pediatrics
  • 1996 - PresThe American Board of Pediatrics and its Subboard of Pediatric Cardiology

Honors and Awards

  • St. Louis Best Doctors, St. Louis Magazine2013 - Pres

Recent Publications view all (24)

Publication Co-Authors

  1. 3D Echocardiography Provides Highly Accurate 3D Printed Models in Congenital Heart Disease Pediatric Cardiology. 2021;42(1):131-141. PMID:33083888 
  2. Dichotomous roles of TBX3 in the establishment of atrioventricular conduction pathways in the human heart Heart Rhythm Case Reports. 2019;5:109-111. 
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