License and BNDD


Missouri License 

The Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital/St. Louis Children’s Hospital Consortium for Graduate Medical Education (GME) will email each of you with an application for a temporary Missouri medical license.  We pay all fees for licensing.  Please complete and return immediately to the GME/Medical Staff Services office following the instructions in their email. You should receive this email on/around late March/early April.  You must mail the completed application within one week.

You will need to request your current (3rd year) transcript, your final transcript (showing MD granted), and your graduation diploma from your medical school.  Your school needs to send these directly to the GME/Medical Staff Services office (see below for address).  If your diploma is in another language, your Registrar (not you) will need to send the translation. If your Registrar cannot provide a translation, the GME/Medical Staff Services office will pursue and pay for an official translation. If your diploma will not be available before your start date, please procure a letter from your Dean that states when your diploma will be available.

The mailing address for your licensing documents will be provided in the email from SLCH GME.


The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) application will also be included in the email from the GME/Medical Staff Services office.  Please complete and return with your license application.  GME will automatically process your BNDD as soon as your Missouri license is issued. We pay all fees for processing.


You will utilize the hospital DEA number.

Illinois License  

The Illinois license application will be sent at a later date to whomever needs it!