Q & A:

Your Online Application:

  1. Is my application complete?
    You will not receive an email. After the due date, if items are missing you will be contacted.
  2. The recommender should upload the LOR via the website.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Graduate students can apply. Does this include medical students?
  2. Can I apply if I graduate in May 2020?
  3. Do you think I will be a competitive applicant?
    It is a highly competitive program, applications are reviewed by faculty members, we received approximately 108 applications in 2019 and filled 31 positions.

Wages And What Is Provided?

  1. What are the wages?
    $2,250 per month (8 hours/day for 8 weeks – taxes will be withheld and payday is on the last business day of the month).
  2. Will housing and/or meals be provided?
    No. Please visit websites below for information:
  3. Parking is not provided. A metrolink pass can be purchased as well as a parking permit.

Start And End Dates?

  1. Can I start later than June 8?
  2. Will housing and/or meals be provided?
  3. Can I make up time by staying past the program end date?
  4. How many students are accepted to PSRP each year?
    Depends on number of PIs willing to mentor. In 2019 we had 31 students and 25 PIs.
  5. When will decisions be released?
    Approximately early-April
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