PEMRAP II - Bio 2658

Fall Registration Opens April 20 - PEMRAP II is for students who have completed PEMRAP - Bio 2652 and wish to continue in the Program for additional semesters.

Please make sure you have met the prerequisites for this course before registering. That information can be found here.

How To Apply

Step 1. Read the Partnering Responsibilities Statement

Step 2. Read the program guidelines

Step 3. Complete this RA Registration

PLEASE NOTE: There is a class size limit of 10. Concurrent enrollment with MedPrep II is allowed in the Fall Semester, provided the PEMRAP hours are completed during the summer months, prior to the start of the semester. Concurrent enrollment is not permitted in the Spring Semester.
This course is not available through WEBSTAC.
The credit options for PEMRAP II is 1 credit/pass/fail = 45 shift hours or 2 credits/pass/fail = 90 shift hours. Students may repeat this course for a maximum of 6 credits. Course may not be taken concurrently with Bio 2652, 2651, or 2654.

Please, direct questions to the PEMRAP Coordinator by email: