Students are required to work one to two 4-hour shifts in the SLCH each week, for a total of 84 shift hours per semester. Shifts are set in 4-hour blocks, 8:00 am - 2:00 am, and are available throughout the semester, including breaks and holidays. The class can access the monthly schedule at the start of the semester. Click here to see an example of the shift schedule used in the program. *Please note: you'll need a gmail account to access the schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Scheduler and Shifts

When is the month’s scheduler usually posted?

The scheduler is usually posted 1-2 weeks before the next month on Tuesday or Wednesday. The actual date and time will be emailed to you beforehand.

When do I post my dropped shift on Groupme?

If you decide to drop your shift within 48 hours of the scheduled time, please post it on Groupme.

I missed a few of my scheduled shifts because I was sick, and the available times do not fit in my schedule. What should I do?

Email one of your chiefs. We will try to accommodate you, so you can complete your shifts

When will I receive an email to notify me about my shadowing?

You should receive an email about your shadowing shift 2-3 days before your shadowing shift. If you have not received one within 2-3 days, email Patty Dummerth at

Where do I find the printer to copy more shift logs?

The printer/copier in the coral reef area, or ask one of the nurses.

What can I wear to my shifts in the ER? What about shadowing shifts?

Scrub top and badge at all times.

If I am early to my shift, can I leave early?

Some metro trains leave on the hour or a little passed, and we are trying to account for this. You may NOT show up for a shift 30 minutes before and leave 30 minutes early. Too many people will be at the desk if we allow this.

If the research coordinator is unavailable, but I have contact information, where should I put it?

You may put the contact information in the locked cabinet above the PEMRAP computer. Let the research coordinator know that you will be doing this by leaving a message on their voicemail or sending them an email so that they can pick up the contact information at a later point.

Will I be able to schedule all of my shifts for the same days/times each week?

It might be possible, but the emergency room is busier some days/times than others, so students are encouraged to schedule varying shifts so they get a broader experience. There are a limited number of shifts available each month and the most popular times go first.