Funded Awards October 2023

Nicole Brossier Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg Jennifer Duncan Allison King Jeffrey Magee Thomas Pfeiffer Deepika Polineni

PI Agency Title Nicole Brossier University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Genetics and the Environment:  Evaluating How Maternal Dietary Exposure Affects Neurodevelopment and Cognition in NF1 Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg SLCH Foundation  Center for Vaccines and Immunity to Microbial Pathogens Jennifer Duncan Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates WashU International Medical Graduate Wellness Initiative – […]

Funded Awards September 2023

Funded grants Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg Vikas Dharnidharka Patricia Dickson Julie Dorfman Eric Greer Carol Kao Allison King Edon Rabinowitz Gary Silverman Bryan Sisk Zachary Vesoulis

PI Agency Title Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg University of Maryland Adjuvant development of the TLR4 ligand – BECC470s Vikas Dharnidharka NIH/R01/Northwell Nocturnal Investigation into Glomerular Disease, Hypertension, and Transcriptomics (kNIGHT) Vikas Dharnidharka NIH/U01 Understanding the immune response changes to clinical interventions for Epstein-Barr virus infection prior to lymphoma development in childrenafter organ transplants (UNEARTH) Patricia Dickson […]

Funded Awards August 2023

Funded Grants! Eve Colson Orsola di Martino Carmen Halabi Fuhai Li Mark Manary William Orr Edon Rabinowitz Lisa Roelle David Rosen Brigida Rusconi

PI Agency Title Eve Colson NIH/R01/University of Virginia Get Social Media and Risk-Reduction Training (GET SMART) Orsola di Martino Siteman Cancer Center The role of DDIT4 in Acute. Myeloid Leukemia and chemotherapy resistance mechanisms Carmen Halabi IMRF Fibulin-5 and lysyl oxidase like 1 in elastic fiber assembly Fuhai Li NIH/R21/R33 AI models of multi-omic data […]

Funded Awards July 2023

Funded grants Fahd Ahmad Tarin Bigley Dustin Baldridge Orsola di Martino Sarah Garwood Andrew Janowski Katie Plax Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric David Rosen Gregory Storch

PI Agency Title Fahd Ahmad HRSA/CCHMC Emergency Medicine Services for Children (EMSC) Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) Program – The Hospitals of the Midwest Emergency Research Node (HOMERUN); Category 1 Tarin Bigley NIH/K08 Establishing the impact of roseolovirues on development of autoimmunity due to loss of central tolerance Dustin Baldridge NIH/ DP1 High-Throughput […]

Funded Awards June 2023

Funded grants! Mohamed Abdelbaki Fahd Ahmad Jeffrey Atkinson David Bark Jonathan Cooper Patricia Dickson Joseph Finney Stephanie Fritz Sarah Garwood Nicole Gilbert Eric Greer Monica Hulbert David Hunstad Carol Kao Amanda Kolmar Katie Plax Deepika Polineni Shalini Shenoy Gary Silverman Ashley Steed Gregory Storch Brian Stotter

PI Agency Title Mohamed Abdelbaki Rally Foundation Natural Killer Cells in Children with Recurrent Malignant Brain Tumors Fahd Ahmad SLCH Foundation  Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) Registry Onboarding Jeffrey Atkinson CFF/JCHRF  Strength and Muscle Related Outcomes for Nutrition and Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis STRONG-CF David Bark NIH/R21 Paper-based high shear hemostatic analytical […]

Funded Awards May 2023

F. Sessions Cole Megan Cooper Jane Alyce Hunt Fuhai Li

PI Agency Title F. Sessions Cole NIH/ U2C/Harvard University Diagnosing the Unknown for Care and Advancing Science (DUCAS) Megan Cooper CDI Center for Pediatric Immunology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Jane Alyce Hunt Washington University Center for Dissemination and Implementation Implementation of a Sustainable STI Screening Program in the Pediatric ED Fuhai Li NIH/R01 Modeling […]

Funded Awards April 2023

Jeffrey Atkinson Tarin Bigley Megan Cooper Patricia Dickson Abby Green Kim Liss Mark Manary Melissa Mavers Gary Silverman Phillip Tarr

PI Agency Title Jeffrey Atkinson CFF/JCHRF  Strength and Muscle Related Outcomes for Nutrition and Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis STRONG-CF Tarin Bigley Arthritis National Research Foundation Virus-induced Predisposition to Lupus After TLR7 Stimulation Megan Cooper NIH/R56 Metabolic Regulation of Natural Killer Cell Activation Patricia Dickson NIH/U01 Washington University School of Medicine Undiagnosed Diseases Network Clinical […]

Funded Awards March 2023

Ana María Arbeláez Patricia Dickson Sarah Garwood Nicole Gilbert Sara Greer Carol Kao Mark Manary

PI Agency Title Ana María Arbeláez Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences Prescribing Healthy Futures: A Collaboration between Washington University Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Operation Food Search Patricia Dickson NIH/R01 Cellular Phenotypes of Genetic Variants in Mucopolysaccharidosis Sarah Garwood ICTS/CTRFP /Saint Louis University  Free to Flex: Development Of YMCA-Based Initiative To Support […]

Funded Awards February 2023

Funded Grants! Ana María Arbeláez, Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn, Carol Kao, Melissa Mavers, Brigida Rusconi, Ahmed Said, Gary Silverman, Stephen Stone, Gregory Storch and Stephen Sykes

PI Agency Title Ana María Arbeláez   SLCH Foundation Child Health Intervention Prediabetes Program (CHIPP) Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg NIH/R21 ADAM10 polymorphism in susceptibility to S. aureus disease Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn NIH/R21 Clonal Hematopoeisis in Heart Transplant Recipients Carol Kao NIH/University of Alabama at Birmingham CPIC Pilot: Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin antibody response in maternal-infant dyads Melissa […]

Funded awards January 2023

Funded grants! Jeffrey Bednarski Brian DeBosch Margaret Ferris Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn Eric Greer Lori Holtz Mark Manary Jason Newland Lila Nolan Cynthia Ortinau Katie Plax Gregory Storch Gregory Storch Zachary Vesoulis

PI Agency Title Jeffrey Bednarski SLCH Foundation/ Hyundai Hope on Wheels Molecular mechanisms of BCLAF1 in pediatric AML Brian DeBosch NIH/R01 Leveraging Arginase Biology Against Metabolic Disease Margaret Ferris SLCH Foundation/ Hyundai Hope on Wheels The role of the retinoid X receptor in MLL-rearranged leukemia  Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation […]