Events / Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Strategic Planning

Incorporating Indigenous Perspectives in Strategic Planning

9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Zoom (Virtual)

The St. Louis Higher Education Sustainability Consortium is hosting a workshop on June 24 to begin the conversation around incorporating Indigenous perspectives into strategic planning for universities and colleges. Our speakers include Erika Bailey-Johnson from Bemidji State University and Devon Fernandes from Humber College. Both have worked to incorporate the voices of Indigenous people and other culture backgrounds into the process of strategic planning. Join them in a conversation on the process of meaningfully including multiple perspectives and voices into strategic planning. They will discuss ways they have worked to create a common vision of sustainability, include multiple cultural backgrounds, and authentically connect with all stakeholders in the university community.

Please register for this event.  If you have questions please contact Jarea Fang at 832-951-6019,