Community Outpatient Practice Experience (COPE)

Your SECOND priority!

Our continuity clinic is based among our community physicians. Please read the introduction below and complete the questionnaire. Our COPE directors and coordinators will review your answers and furnish you with 2-3 physician’s names with whom you must set up interviews by early June. We will hold a mini-match during Orientation and announce the pairing of COPE preceptors and new interns.

Please follow the directions:

COPE Introduction
(please read)

COPE Questionnaire: You will complete this requirement in New Innovations.  The COPE questionnaire is designed for you to provide input regarding what type of COPE practice setting you prefer and any particular areas of interest you might have regarding your COPE experience.  Late in May, our COPE coordinator, will contact you and provide instructions on contacting a few of the COPE preceptor physicians with whom you should schedule an interview early in June before orientation. 

COPE directors