Pediatric Gastroenterology Research Training Program

Award #: T32 DK077653

Project periodJuly 1991 – April 2027
Predoc slots2
Postdoc slots4

This program in academic investigative pediatric gastroenterology, nutrition, and hepatology will provide a two year immersion in research to physicians and scientists who wish to focus their training in areas relevant to these fields. The program utilizes three tracks to leverage institutional, department, and division strengths, and pursue new concepts in investigative pediatric gastroenterology:

  • Microbial– host Interactions in the gastrointestinal tract is formed in consideration of provocative data regarding host – flora interactions, strong pathogenesis, and pathogen discovery groups at Washington University, the Washington University Genome Sequencing Center, and the Center for Genome Sciences and its gnotobiotic facility, which enables studies of host-microbial mutualism in the developing gut;
  • Cellular and molecular biology of the developing gastrointestinal tract, exploits this institution’s strengths in modern biologic study of health and disease, and includes as mentors investigators who represent the traditional core of this program;
  • Translational biology of the gastrointestinal tract allows for the study of disease processes in human hosts and populations.

This program will continue to use extensive oversight of trainees and embedded mentoring and evaluation mechanisms, and Washington University’s broad and deep research base, to train leaders in pediatric academic gastroenterology, nutrition, and hepatology.

Principal Investigator/Program Director

Phillip I. Tarr, MD

Phillip I. Tarr, MD

Professor of Molecular Microbiology
Melvin E. Carnahan Professor of Pediatrics
Co-Leader, Pathobiology Research Unit, Department of Pediatrics
Division Director, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  Tarr lab


Program FacultyDepartment or InstitutionRole in Program
Allen, PaulPathology & Immunology / ImmunobiologyPreceptor
Ciorba, MatthewMedicine / GastroenterologyPreceptor
Colditz, Graham A.SurgeryPreceptor
Colonna, MarcoPathology & Immunology / ImmunobiologyPreceptor
Dantas, GautamPathology & Immunology / Laboratory & Genomic MedicinePreceptor
Davidson, NicholasInternal Medicine / GastroenterologyPreceptor Program Co-Director
Dubberke, Erik R.Medicine / Infectious DiseasesPreceptor
Finck, BrianMedicine / Geriatrics & NutritionPreceptor
Fritz, StephaniePediatrics / Infectious DiseasesPreceptor
Gordon, JeffreyDevelopmental BiologyMentor
Holtzman, MichaelInternal Medicine / PulmonaryMentor
Hsieh, ChyiMedicine / RheumatologyPreceptor
Klein, SamuelInternal Medicine / Nutritional SciencesMentor
Manary, MarkPediatrics / Emergency MedicinePreceptor
Mecham, RobertCell Biology and PhysiologyMentor
Milbrandt, JeffreyPathology and ImmunologyMentor
Mills, JasonMedicine / GastroenterologyPreceptor
Moley, KelleObstetrics & GynecologyPreceptor
Newberry, RodneyMedicine / GastroenterologyPreceptor
Perlmutter, DavidPediatrics / GastroenterologyPreceptor
Randolph, GwendalynPathology & Immunology / ImmunobiologyPreceptor
Rubin, DeborahInternal Medicine / GastroenterologyMentor
Rudnick, DavidPediatrics / GastroenterologyMentor
Schnadower, DavidPediatrics / Emergency MedicinePreceptor
Schwartz, AlanPediatrics / Hematology and OncologyMentor / Executive Committee
Stappenbeck, ThaddeusPathology & Immunology / ImmunobiologyPreceptor
Stenson, WilliamInternal Medicine / GastroenterologyMentor
Tarr, PhillipPediatrics / GastroenterologyProgram Director, Preceptor
Virgin IV, Herbert W.Pathology & Immunology / ImmunobiologyPreceptor
Wang, DavidMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Warner, Brad W.SurgeryProgram Co-Director, Preceptor