Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunity Training Program

Award #: T32 AI106688

Project periodAugust 2014 – July 2024
Predoc slots0
Postdoc slots2

This program will train academic physician-scientists to perform research in infectious diseases and immunity in children. Infectious diseases still account for extensive morbidity and mortality throughout the world, and trained researchers are needed who can apply powerful new scientific methods to bring these diseases under control. One of the areas of emphasis, of this training program, will be the use of powerful new methods to study microbial and human genomics.

Program Director

David  A.  Hunstad, MD

David A. Hunstad, MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Infectious Diseases
Division Director, Infectious Diseases
Professor, Molecular Microbiology
Vice Chair of Basic and Translational Research, Pediatrics
Co-Scientific Director, Children’s Discovery Institute
Arnold W. Strauss, MD Endowed Professor for Mentoring

  Hunstad lab

Co-Program Director

Anthony R. French, MD, PhD

Anthony R. French, MD, PhD

Professor of Pediatrics, Rheumatology
Vice Chair of Physician-Scientist Training Program
Alan L. Schwartz Chair in Pediatrics
Co-Scientific Director, Children’s Discovery Institute

  French lab


Program FacultyDepartment or InstitutionRole in Program
Amarasinghe, GayaPathology / ImmunologyMentor
Artyomov, MaximPathology / ImmunologyMentor
Atkinson, JohnMedicine / RheumatologyMentor
Baldridge, MeganBiochemistry & Cell BiologyMentor
Boon, AdrianusMedicine / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Bubeck-Wardenburg, JulianePediatrics / Critical CareMentor
Caparon, MichaelMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Colonna, MarcoPathology / ImmunologyMentor
Cooper, MeganPediatrics / RheumatologyMentor
Dantas, GautamPathology & ImmunologyMentor
Diamond, MichaelMedicine / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Dinauer, MaryPediatrics – Hematology / OncologyMentor
Doering, TamaraMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Ellebedy, AliPathology & ImmunologyMentor
Fremont, DavedPathology & ImmunologyMentor
French, AnthonyPediatrics / RheumatologyMentor
Fritz, StephaniePediatrics / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Goldberg, DanielPathology & ImmunologyMentor
Gordon, JeffreyDevelopmental BiologyMentor
Hsieh, ChyiMedicine / RheumatologyMentor
Hultgren, ScottMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Hunstad, DavidPediatrics / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Khader, ShabaanaMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Klein, Robyn S.Medicine / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Lenschow, DeborahMedicine / RheumatologyMentor
Miner, JonathanMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Morley, Sharon CelestePediatrics / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Newberry, RodneyMedicine / GastroenterologyMentor
Odom John, AudreyPediatrics / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Philips, JenniferMedicine / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Silverman, GaryPediatricsMentor
Stallings, ChristinaMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Stappenbeck, ThaddeusPathology & ImmunologyCo-Program Training Director, Mentor
Storch, GregoryPediatrics / Infectious DiseasesMentor / Executive Committee
Tarr, PhillipPediatrics / GastroenterologyMentor
Wang, DavidMolecular MicrobiologyMentor
Weil, GaryInternal Medicine / Infectious DiseasesMentor
Weinstock, GeorgeGenetics Sequencing CenterMentor
Yokoyama, WayneMedicine / RheumatologyMentor