Pediatric Physician-Scientist Training Program

Award #: T32 HD043010

Project periodJuly 2002 – April 2023
Predoc slots0
Postdoc slots4

The long-term objective is to utilize this funding to promote the career development of young pediatric physician-scientists who will become the future leaders in the biomedical research efforts dedicated to child health. The specific aims of this proposal are to identify potential trainees at the completion of their residency training, or in the midst of fellowship training, and to provide them with a three year research experience in the laboratory of a qualified mentor, protected from clinical and teaching responsibilities, and with a specific research focus relevant to pediatrics. During the initial funding period, 10 excellent candidates were supported (including seven women and one under-represented minority). Our long-term objective and specific aims remain unchanged; however, we have significantly expanded the scope of our program with the development of two pathways (basic science and clinical/translational science).

We shall achieve our long-term objective by applying the recent advances in genetic and genomic sciences to an understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases within the pediatric arena. In order to accomplish this, we shall combine the established areas of investigative strengths of the Washington University School of Medicine and its Department of Pediatrics. We have now incorporated a new area of emphasis (Pathway B), namely clinical and translational genomic medicine, which includes genetic epidemiology, biostatistics, and patient oriented research.

Our program will ultimately close the gap between basic biologists and pediatric clinicians. We have in place a structure in which bright, motivated, young pediatricians shall flourish in a protected environment and will emerge as leaders in an evolving area of pediatrics. The long-term goals of the program will be realized as its trainees contribute to the development of, and leadership as, pediatric physician-scientists during the next two or more decades.

Principal Investigator/Program Director

Gary A. Silverman, MD, PhD

Gary A. Silverman, MD, PhD

Harriet B. Spoehrer Professorship in Pediatrics
Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

  Luke, Pak, Silverman lab


Program FacultyDepartment or InstitutionRole in Program
Allen, PaulPathology & ImmunologyPreceptor
Blumer, KenCell Biology & PhysiologyPreceptor
Bubeck Wardenburg, JulianePediatrics Critical CarePreceptor
Challen, GrantMedicine OncologyPreceptor
Cole, F. SessionsPediatrics / Newborn MedicineMentor
Dharnidharka, VikasPediatrics NephrologyPreceptor
Dorn, GeraldInternal Medicine PharmacogenomicsPreceptor
Druley, ToddPediatrics Hematology OncologyPreceptor
Dutcher, SusanGeneticsMentor / Executive Committee
French, AnthonyPediatrics RheumatologyPreceptor
Goldberg, DanMedical Infectious DiseasesPreceptor
Gordon, JeffreyDevelopmental BiologyPreceptor Exec. Comm
Holtzman, MichaelMedicine PulmonaryPreceptor
Hruska, KeithPediatrics / NephrologyMentor
Hultgren, ScottMolecular MicrobiologyPreceptor
Hunstad, DavidPediatrics Infectious DiseasesPreceptor Training Director
Jay, PatrickPediatrics / CardiologyPreceptor
John, AudreyPediatrics Infectious DiseasesPreceptor
Kornfeld, StuardInternal Medicine-HematologyExec. Comm
Ley, TimothyMedicine OncologyPreceptor
Lowe, Mark E.Pediatrics AdministrationPreceptor
Magee, JeffreyPediatrics Hematology OncologyPreceptor
Mecham, RobertCell Biology and PhysiologyMentor
Milbrandt, JeffreyGeneticsPreceptor
Mitra, RobiGeneticsMentor
Moley, KelleObstetrics & GynecologyPreceptor Exec. Comm
Nerbonne, JeanneDevelopmental BiologyMentor
Newberry, RodneyMedicine GastroenterologyPreceptor
Nichols, ColinCell Biology & PhysiologyPreceptor
Ornitz, DavidDevelopmental BiologyMentor
Ory, DanielMedicine CardiologyPreceptor
Perlmutter, DavidExecutive Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs and DeanPreceptor
Rubin, JoshuaPediatrics / Hematology and OncologyMentor
Schaffer, JeanInternal Medicine / CardiologyPreceptor Exec. Comm
Schuettpelz, LauraPediatrics Hematology OncologyPreceptor
Silverman, Gary A.PediatricsPreceptor PI/PD
Solnica-Krezel, LilaDevelopmental BiologyPreceptor
Stappenbeck, ThadPathology & ImmunologyPreceptor
Storch, GregoryPediatrics Laboratory Medicine & Infectious DiseasesPreceptor
Tarr, Phillip I.Pediatrics GastroenterologyPreceptor
Urano, FumihikoEndocrine / MetabolismPreceptor
Virgin, SkipPathology & ImmunologyPreceptor
Wang, DavidPathology & ImmunologyPreceptor
Warner, BradPediatric SurgeryPreceptor
Yokoyama, WayneInternal Medicine / RheumatologyMentor