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Children’s Discovery Institute (CDI)

The Children’s Discovery Institute is the result of a shared vision to change the way pediatric research is conducted and an intense commitment to bring about dramatic results in pediatric care.

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Diversity & Inclusion at WashU

Washington University's initiatives to support and cultivate a stronger climate of diversity and inclusion.

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Pediatric Student Research Program (PSRP)

The PSRP was created with the purpose of introducing research to young investigators and to further their existing interest in research. The program includes seminars, mentored research and clinical shadowing experiences during the eight-week scenario, June through July. Selected participants work alongside experienced researchers. Opportunities range from bench to clinical to community-based research.

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Project ARK

AIDS/HIV Resources and Knowledge Project

Since 1995, Project ARK has been dedicated to providing support for those infected and affected by HIV, and those at-risk of acquiring HIV.

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Supporting Positive Opportunities with Teens (SPOT)

Our mission is to increase access to health care for youth who have been disproportionately impacted by HIV, poverty, trauma, and discrimination. In order to protect and promote the physical and mental health of those we serve, we must work together to dismantle institutional racism and injustice to address the root of these conditions.