Pediatrics wraps up successful 2023 Pediatrics Research Retreat

2023 Pediatrics Research Retreat

The 2023 Pediatrics Research Retreat was held at Live! by Loews, a beautiful venue right next to Ballpark Village. The more than 250 attendees were treated to a day of fascinating research and time to catch up with colleagues. Twelve presenters discussed topics spanning from viral DNAemia and herpesvirus seropositivity to machine learning in congenital heart disease. Keynote speaker, Andrew Anzalone, MD, PhD, covered the fascinating process of prime editing.

Below, you will have a chance to watch a the keynote in whole and view some snapshots of the event.

Keynote – Andrew Anzalone, MD, PhD

Prime Editing: Precision Gene Correction and Genome Modification for Therapeutic Applications



Check-in and Badge/Ticket Pick-up – Redbirds Room

9:00              Poster Viewing – Cardinals A, Home Plate, and Stadium Rooms

10:00            Welcome – Cardinals B/C
Gary Silverman, MD, PhD

Platform 1:  Trainee Clinical/Translational and Health Services Research – Cardinals B/C

Moderator: Stephanie Fritz, MD, MSCI

10:05            Stephanie Cabler, MD
Viral DNAemia and Herpesvirus Seropositivity Are Associated with Mortality in Pediatric Patients with Severe Sepsis

10:20            Laura Duckworth, MD
Quantification of Enteric Dysfunction in Cystic Fibrosis: Inter- and Intra-Individual Variability

10:35            Shilpa Rampey Venkata Naga, MD
OncoWhiz: Online Educational Game Increases Knowledge and Decreases Anxiety in Caregivers of Pediatric Oncology Patients

10:50            Louise Malburg, MD
Identifying Delays to Pelvic Ultrasound in the Pediatric Emergency Department

11:05            Break

Keynote AddressCardinals B/C  

11:15            Andrew Anzalone, MD, PhD
Prime Editing: Precision Gene Correction and Genome Modification for Therapeutic Applications

12:10            Buffet Lunch and Networking – 2nd Floor and Patio

1:00              Poster SessionCardinals A, Home Plate, and Stadium Rooms

2:00              Break

Platform 2:  Early Faculty Research – Cardinals B/C

Moderator: Julie Bubeck Wardenburg, MD, PhD

2:15              Zachary Vesoulis, MD
Machine Learning Identifies Racial, Economic, and Health Factors Associated with Death or Neurodevelopmental Impairment in Infants with Single-Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease

2:35              Rene Roy, MD, PhD
Catecholamine Signaling Alters Host Responses to Staphylococcus aureus Skin Infection

2:55              Stephen Stone, MD
Adipose Tissue Modeling of FGF21 Signaling Variants and Their Effect on FGF21-Mediated Insulin Action

3:15              Suong Nguyen, MD, PhD
Heme-Laden Histidine-Rich Protein II Nanoparticles Disrupt Microvasculature in Severe Malaria Infection

3:35              Break

Platform 3:  Trainee Basic Research – Cardinals B/C

Moderator: Laura Schuettpelz, MD, PhD

3:45              Alex Crider, MD
Disrupted Luteinizing Hormone / Chorionic Gonadotropin Receptor Expression of Developing Neurons and Brain Results in a Pro-Degenerative Phenotype

4:00              Ellen Schill, MD, PhD
Early-Life Antibiotic Exposures Inhibit Postnatal Enteric Nervous System Development

4:15              Jerome Molleston, MD, PhD
CRISPR Screens Identify DPP4 as a Novel Human Astrovirus Receptor

4:30              Keigo Takahashi, PhD
Spontaneous Seizures Associated with Cortical Interneuron Loss in Cln2R207X Mice Are Ameliorated Via Gene Therapy

4:45              Adjournment