Mek’ele, Ethiopia

Mek’ele University/Ayder Referral Hospital

Located in the Tigray Region of northern Ethiopia, Mek’ele University and Ayder Referral Hospital offer a unique opportunity for pediatrics residents from Washington University to care for patients. The 500-bed Ayder Referral Hospital has a general pediatric ward of approximately 75 beds, a 10-bed PICU, a 15-bed NICU, and a well-baby nursery. Opportunities exist for residents to work in any of these locations during their time in Mek’ele.

Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia; however, several dialects are spoken throughout the country, including Tigrinya in Mek’ele. The language of instruction is English. Medical records are also kept in English. Several departments at Washington University School of Medicine have been collaborating for several years on bilateral education and research projects.