Contact Information

House Staff Office

Chrissy Hrach, MD Interim Program Co-Director
Patrick Reich, MD Interim Program Co-Director
Tosin Adeyanju, MD Associate Program Director
Jessica Pittman, MD Associate Program Director
Casey Pruitt, MD Associate Program Director (COPE Director)
Erin Orf, MD Assistant COPE Director
Mary Claire McGlynn, MD Chief Resident 2022-2023
Rachel Spies, MD Chief Resident 2022-2023
Chatondra Williams, MD Chief Resident 2022-2023
Nikki Hollander Senior Residency Coordinator
Francesca Mattina Residency Coordinator
Elizabeth Coffin Residency Coordinator

Location & Address

St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Pediatric Residency Program
One Children’s Place
3rd Floor, Suite 3S34
St. Louis, MO 63110-1077

Pediatrics House Staff Office

Main: (314) 454-6006
Fax: (314) 454-4102
Leigh Ann Bryant: (314) 454-5332
Becky Jones: (314) 454-2887
Chief Residents: (314) 454-6073

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