Teaching Physician Pathway (WUTPP)

Teaching is at the center of what it means to be a physician. While every resident in our program will gain experience with teaching, residents interested in medical education can participate in more in-depth training. The Washington University Teaching Physician Pathway (WUTPP) provides these interested residents with additional knowledge, skills, experience, and mentorship necessary to become skilled clinician-educators.

Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and Surgery residents participating in the WUTPP didactic sessions.
Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and Surgery residents participating in the WUTPP didactic sessions.

During the second year of residency, pediatric residents in this pathway join WUTPP residents from the departments of Internal Medicine and Surgery in a two-week intensive program of didactic sessions focused on educational theory, curriculum development, and teaching techniques. WUTPP residents will also participate in teaching sessions to gain hands-on teaching experience with medical students and residents in both small and large group settings throughout the year. Each WUTPP resident will participate in a month-long Teaching Elective during their third year of residency which includes independently leading didactic sessions and facilitating small groups of both medical students and residents. Finally, each resident will complete a scholarly project related to education, with opportunities and funding available to attend national education conferences.

One of the unique benefits of joining the WUTPP is being physically connected to the adult hospital and medical school, allowing for the sharing of resources and increased opportunities for collaboration. During the two week didactic session, the WUTPP hosted residents and speakers from a variety of programs and departments. The proximity to the medical school makes it easy to walk down the link to lead M1/M2 small groups educational sessions or meet with Jan Hanson, a leader in educational research, in Becker Library, for help with manuscript drafting.

Resident teaching projects

  • Ann Marie Anderson, PL-3: I’m currently working on a project that teaches 3rd year medical students about developing discharge goals for inpatient pediatric patients. My project is in response to feedback from medical students that they did not fully understand the discharge goals for the pediatric population. The workshop I’m developing will be a recurring part of the pediatric clerkship didactic curriculum. It will go beyond just understanding the checklists and provide students the tools to create concrete goals for their patients, a skill that is essential for residency.
  • Amanda Dube, graduated 2020: My project involved creating teaching tools for residents to use with medical students that could be easily accessed from our work phones. I also had a second project creating the curriculum for the medical Spanish course. For more information about the medical Spanish course offered to pediatric residents, click HERE.

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Tosin Adeyanju, MD

Pediatric Clerkship Director
Email: oadeyanju@wustl.edu

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