Commitment to cultural competency and diversity

Grounded in its mission statement, the Washington University Diversity Initiative was launched in July 2005. This initiative included the creation of a Coordinating Council for Diversity Initiatives (CCDI) and the appointment of a Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Diversity Initiatives. The focus of the initiative is to increase racial diversity and gender balance among the University’s faculty and staff.

Washington University School of Medicine recognizes that advocating a culturally competent and diverse academic workplace will enhance its leadership role in medical education. The School is also committed to preparing an ethnically diverse student body to serve as global leaders in the 21st century.

The Office of Diversity Programs (ODP) adheres to the principle that a multicultural learning environment serves to benefit all students. The ODP will promote the concepts and benefits of pluralism throughout the medical center and will strive to recruit, develop and retain talented students and faculty from under represented groups. The ODP will serve to create opportunities to unite a diverse student body and to develop a partnership

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