May 2024 Funded Awards

Amy Armstrong, Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, Charles Canter, Samuel Cortez, Trevor Davis, Kimberly Donica, Andrew Glatz, Christina Gurnett, Ronald Rubenstein, Margaret Shatara, Kathryn Spectorsky, Mythili Srinivasan and Gregory Storch

PI Agency Title Amy Armstrong SLCH Foundation / Hyundai Hope on Wheels SFY24- HHOW Impact – Hyundai Hope on Wheels: Impact Award Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg Harrington Discovery Institute/Scholar Innovator Novel Maternal Staphylococcus aureus vaccine to provide infant protection Charles Canter SLCH Foundation Tuttle & Hauck Chair Samuel Cortez CDTR Changes in Metabolic milieu after initiation […]

New Hires June 2024

Welcome new hires!

Name Division Title Imani Anderson Allergy & Pulmonary Medicine Non-Appointees Shiante Banks Ambulatory Medicine Patient Care Associate II Isaac Bednarski Hematology & Oncology Visiting Program Participant Fredrick Birnbaum Residency Resident Artrice Bolden Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Agency Temp Chase Boushard Nephrology, Hypertension & Apheresis Visiting Program Participant Anna Cernich Infectious Diseases Visiting Program Participant Reece […]

New Hires May 2024

Welcome new hires!

Name Division Title Joseph Christopher Basse Hematology & Oncology Laboratory Assistant I/Glasswasher Hannah S Chen Newborn Medicine Undergraduate Student Brianna Conway Ambulatory Medicine LPN Julie Gaylord Hospital Medicine Administrative Coordinator I Jane Hopkins Nephrology & Apheresis Clinical Nurse Coordinator Evelyn Iran Oropeza Adolescent Medicine Collaborating Investigator Sylvia Ray Ambulatory Medicine Medical Assistant II Devyn Lauryn […]

Funded Awards April 2024

PI Agency Title Tarin Bigley Washington University/RDRRC Identifying mechanisms of thymic disruption in MRV-induced autoimmunity Megan Cooper SLCH Foundation/Research Grant Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic and Research Center for Primary Immunodeficiencies at St. Louis Children’s Hospital Kim Liss BJH Foundation/Designated Funding Request Adipose-Liver Crosstalk in Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Jeffrey Magee NIH/R01 The role of KIDA1 in […]

Staff feature Lynn Cowan

Lynn Cowan

Lynn Cowan grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and she loves everything about the state of Wisconsin! She loves the Packers, Brewers, Friday Fish Boils and the beautiful summers. She loved the winters as a child, but as she grew older, the long winters just seemed to get longer and longer. Cowan attended Marquette University […]

New Hires April 2024

Welcome new hires!

Name Division Title Manish Adhikari Hematology & Oncology Staff Scientist Fiona Biondic Genetics & Genomic Medicine Undergraduate Student Melody Knoff Academic Medicine Clinical Nurse Coordinator Lokesh Kumar Infectious Diseases Staff Scientist Yavette Lee Ambulatory Medicine Medical Assistant III Jamie Nilson Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Dietitian/Nutritionist Gabriel Paredes Central Admin Research Technician I Neide Pedrosa Allergy […]

Funded awards March 2024

Fahd Ahmad, David Butler, Brian DeBosch, Jorge Di Paola, Margaret Ferris, Nicole Gilbert, Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn, Carmen Halabi, Monica Hulbert, Jeffrey Magee, Melissa Mavers, Dzmitry Matsiukevich, Bryan Sisk, Gregory Storch and Kel Vin Woo.

Name Agency Title Fahd Ahmad NIH/R01/Wayne State University Bedside Exclusion of Pulmonary Emboli in Children without Exposure to Radiation (BEEPER)  David Butler Washington University Age-Dependent Mechanisms of Hypoxic-lschemic/Reperfusion Injury in Human Neurons  Brian DeBosch BJHF-ICTS/Research Grants Predictors of Childhood Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease Through Early-Life Stool Virome and Metagenomics Jorge Di Paola SLCH Foundation […]

Staff feature Lori Maloney

Lori Maloney grew up across the river in Caseyville/Collinsville/Maryville with her younger brother who still calls her “little sister.” During her childhood, family and friends were always around and the family camped a lot! Always with several other families – it was more of a party and home away from home kind of camping rather […]

Funded Awards February 2024

Manish Aggarwal, Kevin Basses, Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, Vikas Dharnidharka, Jorge Di Paola, Patricia Dickson, Kimberly Donica, Robert Hayashi, Lawrence Hudson-Lewis, Allison King, Lance Peterson, Gregory Storch and Phillip Tarr

Name Agency Title Manish Aggarwal SLCH Foundation  Ollie Tschudin Family Research Fund Kevin Baszis SLCH Foundation  Point of care musculoskeletal ultrasound in Pediatric Rheumatology Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg NIH/R21 Novel Bacteroides fragilis Competition Factor in Carbapenem-Resistant Strains Vikas Dharnidharka NIH/R01 Choosing Immune Suppression in Renal Transplantation by Efficacy and Morbidity2 (CISTEM2) Jorge Di Paola SLCH Foundation  […]

New Hires March 2024

Welcome new hires!

Name Division Title Courtney Cape Central Admin Business & Technology Application Analyst III Tonie Cates Infectious Diseases Case Worker I Sherice Davis Ambulatory Medicine Medical Assistant III Zachary Paul Fryda Central Admin Resident – Tutor Katlyn Hoerz Ambulatory Medicine Medical Assistant III Shamari Logan Infectious Diseases Case Worker II Abass Oduola Infectious Diseases Postdoc Research […]