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Funded Awards February 2023

Funded Grants! Ana María Arbeláez, Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg, Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn, Carol Kao, Melissa Mavers, Brigida Rusconi, Ahmed Said, Gary Silverman, Stephen Stone, Gregory Storch and Stephen Sykes
Ana María Arbeláez   SLCH FoundationChild Health Intervention Prediabetes Program (CHIPP)
Juliane Bubeck Wardenburg NIH/R21ADAM10 polymorphism in susceptibility to S. aureus disease
Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn NIH/R21Clonal Hematopoeisis in Heart Transplant Recipients
Carol Kao NIH/University of Alabama at BirminghamCPIC Pilot: Staphylococcus aureus a-toxin antibody response in maternal-infant dyads
Melissa Mavers St. Baldrick’s FoundationImmunosuppressive human iNKT cells for prevention of GVHD
Brigida Rusconi NIH/U01/Weill Medical College of Cornell UnviersityThe Colon As a Memory Reservoir of Early Life Commensal Immune Encounters
Ahmed Said Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational SciencesMultisource comprehensive database for pediatric ECMO patients
Gary Silverman NIH/K12Child Health Research Center
Stephen Stone Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational SciencesPrecision Modeling of Genetic Variants in Atypical Diabetes
Gregory Storch HRSA/The City of St. LouisPart A: HE/RR Perinatal Peer Health Services
Gregory Storch HRSA/The City of St. LouisPart A: MCM-HE/RR Peer Services
Gregory Storch HRSA/City of St. LouisPart A: Medical Case Management Service Agreement (MCM main)
Gregory Storch The City of St. LouisPart A: Referral for Health Care & Support Services (RHSS)
Gregory Storch HRSA/St. Clair County DOHPerinatal Case Management
Stephen Sykes NIH/R01Determining the Role and Targeting potential of Serine Metabolism in aggressive sub-types of Acute Myeloid Leukemia