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Funded Awards April 2023

Jeffrey Atkinson Tarin Bigley Megan Cooper Patricia Dickson Abby Green Kim Liss Mark Manary Melissa Mavers Gary Silverman Phillip Tarr
Jeffrey Atkinson CFF/JCHRF Strength and Muscle Related Outcomes for Nutrition and Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis STRONG-CF
Tarin Bigley Arthritis National Research FoundationVirus-induced Predisposition to Lupus After TLR7 Stimulation
Megan Cooper NIH/R56Metabolic Regulation of Natural Killer Cell Activation
Patricia Dickson NIH/U01Washington University School of Medicine Undiagnosed Diseases Network Clinical Site
Abby Green SLCH Foundation Pedal the Cause: Regulation of Mutagenic Deaminases in Cancer by the ETV6 Transcription Factor
Kim Liss NIH/K08Role of Lipid Metabolism in Hepatic Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Steatotic Livers
Mark Manary US Aid/Tufts Packaging and processing of food for safety, cost-effectiveness and reduced environmental impact in Malawi 
Melissa Mavers Cancer Research Foundation/Young Investigator AwardElucidating iNKT cell subset plasticity to inform cellular therapies for cancer and GVHD
Gary Silverman NIH/T32TG Pediatric Physician Scientists
Phillip Tarr NIH/T32Pediatric Gastroenterology Research Training Program