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Funded awards January 2023

Funded grants! Jeffrey Bednarski Brian DeBosch Margaret Ferris Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn Eric Greer Lori Holtz Mark Manary Jason Newland Lila Nolan Cynthia Ortinau Katie Plax Gregory Storch Gregory Storch Zachary Vesoulis
Jeffrey Bednarski SLCH Foundation/ Hyundai Hope on WheelsMolecular mechanisms of BCLAF1 in pediatric AML
Brian DeBosch NIH/R01Leveraging Arginase Biology Against Metabolic Disease
Margaret Ferris SLCH Foundation/ Hyundai Hope on WheelsThe role of the retinoid X receptor in MLL-rearranged leukemia 
Lakshmi Gokanapudy Hahn International Society for Heart and Lung TransplantationClonal Hematopoeisis in Heart Transplant Recipients
Eric Greer NIH/R56Ribosomal RNA Methylation Regulation of Longevity and Stress Resistance
Lori Holtz NIH/R21Propagation and Characterization of Phage Related to Human Growth
Mark Manary Open PhilanthropyCOGENT – Improving Cognition and Gestational duration with targeted NuTrition
Jason Newland SLCH FoundationEpidemiology of the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia in children
Lila Nolan Washington University Division of Physician-Scientists/ Dean’s Scholar ProgramInterferon signaling in microbiota-mediated regulation of bone marrow hematopoiesis
Cynthia Ortinau WU IDDRC/Pilot and FeasibilityNeurophenotyping in Congenital Heart Disease Fetuses with Genetic Variants
Katie Plax State of MissouriThe SPOT – Foster Care Services (COACH)
Gregory Storch HRSA/City of St. LouisHIV Prevention Intervention for Targeted Populations at Risk
Gregory Storch CDC/The City of St. LouisHIV Prevention Services and Risk Reduction Activities for Women of Color
Zachary Vesoulis WU IDDRC/Pilot and FeasibilityCardiorespiratory Instability and Brain Volume at Term-Equivalent Age in Very Low Birth Weight Infants