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Funded Awards July 2023

Funded grants Fahd Ahmad Tarin Bigley Dustin Baldridge Orsola di Martino Sarah Garwood Andrew Janowski Katie Plax Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric David Rosen Gregory Storch
Fahd Ahmad HRSA/CCHMCEmergency Medicine Services for Children (EMSC) Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) Program – The Hospitals of the Midwest Emergency Research Node (HOMERUN); Category 1
Tarin Bigley NIH/K08Establishing the impact of roseolovirues on development of autoimmunity due to loss of central tolerance
Dustin Baldridge NIH/ DP1High-Throughput Functional Genomics of Variants in Genes Linked to Substance Use Disorders
Orsola di Martino American Society of HematologyThe Role of DDIT4 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Sarah Garwood SLCH FoundationThe SPOT at Jennings: A School-Based Health Center (Suppl/Special Invite)
Andrew Janowski NIH/R21Characterization of a cerebral organoid model of astrovirus VA1 infection
Katie Plax State of MissouriThe SPOT – Foster Care Services (COACH)
Katherine Rivera-Spoljaric NIH/UG3Childhood Allergy and the NeOnatal Environment in St Louis (CANOE-STL) and the Impact of Wheezing Illnesses on Neurocognitive Development of Preschool Children
David Rosen NIH/R21Immune recognition of Klebsiella pneumoniae O2v1 and O2v2 O-antigen subtypes
Gregory Storch HRSA/City of St. LouisMedical Transportation