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Funded Awards June 2023

Funded grants! Mohamed Abdelbaki Fahd Ahmad Jeffrey Atkinson David Bark Jonathan Cooper Patricia Dickson Joseph Finney Stephanie Fritz Sarah Garwood Nicole Gilbert Eric Greer Monica Hulbert David Hunstad Carol Kao Amanda Kolmar Katie Plax Deepika Polineni Shalini Shenoy Gary Silverman Ashley Steed Gregory Storch Brian Stotter
Mohamed Abdelbaki Rally FoundationNatural Killer Cells in Children with Recurrent Malignant Brain Tumors
Fahd Ahmad SLCH Foundation Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) Registry Onboarding
Jeffrey Atkinson CFF/JCHRF Strength and Muscle Related Outcomes for Nutrition and Lung Function in Cystic Fibrosis STRONG-CF
David Bark NIH/R21Paper-based high shear hemostatic analytical device
Jonathan Cooper Noah’s Hope/ Hope for BridgetCombined Treatment of Central and Somatic Cln2 Disease in Mice
Patricia Dickson NIH/ RM1Systems-Level Approach to Neuronopathic Lysosomal Storage Disorders
Joseph Finney HRSA/University of MissouriMissouri EMS for Children State Partnership
Stephanie Fritz NIH/R21/Emory University Households as Reservoirs of Community-Acquired Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-producing
Sarah Garwood Episcopal-Presbyterian Charitable Health and Medical TrustJennings High School Based Health Clinic
Nicole Gilbert NIH/R01Molecular and genomic basis of the relationship between Gardnerella, bladder exfoliation and E. coli UTI
Eric Greer National Science FoundationCharacterizing the Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants of Multicellularity
Monica Hulbert Illinois Department of Public HealthSickle Cell Follow Up 2024
David Hunstad SLCH FoundationCatlin Funding – ID Fellow Continuing Education Support
David Hunstad SLCH FoundationDr. Helen Aff-Drum Endowment
Carol Kao Doris Duke Charitable Foundation/COVID-19 Fund to Retain Clin Scientists ProgramDoris Duke COVID-19 Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists Program
Amanda Kolmar SLCH Foundation What They Remember: Pediatric ICU Survivors’ Reflections on Time Spent Sedated and Ventilated and What Happened After
Katie Plax The City of St. LouisThe SPOT STI Services
Deepika Polineni CFFLEAPP CF Fellowship Program (Gina Seier)
Shalini Shenoy SLCH FoundationHaploidentical transplant as a cure for sickle cell disease
Gary Silverman SLCH Foundation 2023-2024 Children’s Discovery Institute Administration
Ashley Steed SLCH Foundation 2023 Pediatric Student Research Program (PSRP) Summer Program
Gregory Storch CDC/The City of St. LouisEnd of the HIV Epidemic – HIV Testing and Community Mobilization
Brian Stotter Lupus Research Alliance/ Global Team Science Award/University of ColoradoThe genetic and immunological determinants of childhood lupus nephritis