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Funded Awards March 2023

Ana María Arbeláez Patricia Dickson Sarah Garwood Nicole Gilbert Sara Greer Carol Kao Mark Manary
Ana María Arbeláez Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational SciencesPrescribing Healthy Futures: A Collaboration between Washington University Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Operation Food Search
Patricia Dickson NIH/R01Cellular Phenotypes of Genetic Variants in Mucopolysaccharidosis
Sarah Garwood ICTS/CTRFP /Saint Louis University Free to Flex: Development Of YMCA-Based Initiative To Support Physical Activity Among TGGD Youth
Nicole Gilbert NIH/R21/Pennsylvania State UniversityA co-infection model for papillomavirus associated infections and cancers
Sara Greer Central Group on Educational AffairsValidity Argument for the Cognitive Load Assessment Scales in Simulation (CLAS-Sim) Germane Load Scale:
Carol Kao NIH/University of Alabama-BirminghamDMID 22-0013: A Retrospective Follow-Up Study of the Durability of Antiviral Therapy on Long-Term Hearing and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes 
Mark Manary Thrasher Research FundEffect of egg powder supplementation on environmental enteric dysfunction and linear growth among rural children in Sierra Leone: a randomized controlled clinical trial